Avoid system downtime and disruptions

The smooth running of railway technology depends on the proper functioning of a variety of highly sensitive, electric and electronic systems.

The permanent availability of these systems is, however, threatened by lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference. As a rule, damaged and destroyed conductors, interlocking components, modules or computer systems are the root cause of disruptions and time-consuming troubleshooting. This, in turn, means late trains and high costs.

Reduce costly disruptions and minimise system downtime... with a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept tailored to your special requirements.

These are the most common reasons for disruptions and damage:

  • Direct lightning strikes
    Lightning strikes in overhead contact lines, tracks or masts usually lead to disruptions or system failure.
  • Indirect lightning strikes
    Lightning strikes in a nearby building or the ground. Overvoltage is then distributed via cables or inductively induced, damaging or destroying unprotected electronic components.
  • Electromagnetic interference fields
    Overvoltage can occur when different systems interact due to their proximity to one another, e.g., illuminated sign systems over motorways, high-voltage transmission lines and overhead contact lines for railways.
  • Occurrences within the railway system itself
    Switching operations and triggering fuses are an additional risk factor because they can also generate surges and cause damage.


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Electronic interlockings

Signalling and control systems are the brain and nervous system of railways transportation systems. Time and again lightning strikes cause individual components in electronic interlockings to break down. This means late trains and cancellations.
DEHN designs and produces comprehensive bespoke concepts for your system. With our help, you can achieve effective lightning and surge protection.

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Level crossing safety systems

Modern, fully electronic level crossing safety systems are equipped with efficient control technology. Unfortunately, disruptions of the systems due to lightning strikes are a regular occurrence.

Special experiments for level crossing safety systems have been conducted in the DEHN test laboratory. These have proven that the arrester modules and protective circuit of the components in the safety system remain intact even in conjunction with lightning currents of 40kA.

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GSM-R transmitting and receiving systems

Radio masts in GSM-R systems are usually situated in exposed locations because of the good transmission range provided there. The risk of a direct lightning strike is, therefore, particularly high. This calls for a professional concept to combat lightning and surges and thereby maximise system availability.

Good to know: For many years now, renowned mobile radio companies have been putting their trust in DEHN’s know-how and technology.

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Railway stations

Railway stations are the hub of mobility and often also shopping centres with a wide variety of shops and service providers.

During thunderstorms, they also provide safe shelter for commuters and other travellers.

Take advantage of the comprehensive DEHN product portfolio to establish lightning equipotential bonding and surge protection for all systems and building in compliance with the relevant standards.

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Electrified track systems

Protect your employees. It is essential to avoid direct contact with overhead contact lines when working in the track area. DEHN insulating sticks, e.g., for cleaning the windscreens of power cars and locomotives, offer optimum protection here.

Another problem is when the overhead contact line is in danger of touching the tracks. The DEHN portfolio includes the lightning-resistant SDS voltage limiting device which earths insulated tracks protecting systems and lives.

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Railway vehicles

The use of electronic components in modern railway vehicles has become indispensable. Air-conditioning, electronic seat reservation, reading lights and passenger information and entertainment systems have all become a matter of course.

These systems are particularly susceptible to transient overvoltage.

We are happy to help you to find a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept for your railway vehicles.


DEHN protects the Gotthard Rail LinkDEHN protects
the Gotthard Rail Link

A reliable power supply is imperative for the safe operation of the tunnel. It runs through the entire tunnel like veins penetrating deep into the mountain and must be able to withstand the effects of lightning currents and surges.

The entire 50 Hz power supply, from the main distribution boards to the sub-distribution board and including the 176 cross passages, is protected.

The energy coordinated arresters from DEHN were selected due to the stringent quality requirements.

Reference Gotthardbahn

DEHN protects level crossing safety systemsDEHN protects
level crossing safety systems

PINTSCH BAMAG Antriebs- und Verkehrstechnik GmbH is today one of the leading manufacturers of safety-related products for rail- and waterways. It goes without saying that their safety standards are high. Across the globe, level crossings are the neuralgic points of railway systems. Their safety and the coordination of rail and road traffic require the greatest possible reliability and straightforward operation. At the same time, investment and maintenance costs should be low.

In order ensure this is the case in thunderstorms, too, PINTSCH BAMAG employs DEHN components to protect its railway signalling technology.