DEHNbox TC 180

Lightning and surge protection for telecommunication applications

DEHNbox TC 180DEHNbox TC 180 is a compact combined arrester in a surface-mounted plastic enclosure for protecting information technology interfaces. The arrester has been optimised for general installation on telecommunication connections and devices such as analogue telephone, ISDN and xDSL. Field tests have shown that the arrester can even be used for high-performance VDSL2 connections. As an alternative, the combined arrester can also be installed at the interfaces of measuring and control systems up to 180 V / 750 mA.

The combined arrester allows to quickly connect one pair without tools and to fix the connecting cable (strain relief) on the PCB via a cable tie. The terminal compartment in the box and the position of the terminals ensure optimal conductor routing and easy conductor connection.

DEHNbox TC 180 is easy to use and ensures maximum transmission performance.

  • Maximum performance:
    - Combined arrester with a high discharge capability up to 2.5 kA (10/350 μs) per line
    - High cut-off frequency up to 250 MHz
    - Universal solution for ISDN, analogue telephones, xDSL interfaces (VDSL2)
  • Easy to use:
    - Compact wall-mounted enclosure with IP65 degree of protection
    - Fast and easy installation thanks to spring-loaded terminals


DEHNboxSelf-sealing rubber grommet for leading the conductors into the enclosureTerminalsTerminals for fast connection without tools
FixingFixing of conductors on the PCB via cable ties (tension relief)Fast connectionTwo stable earthing terminals ensure fast connection