DEHNvario protects electroacoustic systems

Compact DIN rail mounted arrester: Lightning and surge protection for electroacoustic systems with easy and fast conductor connection

The DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM combined arrester protects electroacoustic systems (e.g. voice alarm or loudspeaker systems) from lightning effects and surges. The performance parameters of the arrester ensure that electroacoustic systems can be operated during thunderstorms.

Compact DIN rail mounted arrester

DEHNvario DVR 2 BY S 150 FM

  • For installation in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0A to 2 and higher
  • High discharge capacity up to 2.5 kA (10/350 μs) per core
  • Fast installation without tools thanks to plug-in design
  • Integrated remote signalling contact 
  • Optional direct or indirect shield earthing




Fast connection without tools thanks to plug-in design,
cable cores can be easily released at the push of a button

Fast connection

Vibration-proof fixing of the terminal unit,
easy removal of the terminal unit ensures fast arrester replacement

Vibration proof

Clamping range from 0.2 to 1.5 mm2, solid and flexible,
integrated test opening

Clamping range

Lightning current carrying earthing contact via the DIN rail

via DIN rail