New arrester series: BLITZDUCTOR SP

BLITZDUCTOR SPBLITZDUCTOR SP – Pluggable DIN rail mounted surge arresters

The surge arresters of the BLITZDUCTOR SP series are pluggable multipole DIN rail mounted arresters. They can be universally used for protecting measuring and control circuits, bus systems or telecommunication systems.
BLITZDUCTOR SP arresters combine a permanently high impulse current discharge capacity with an extremely low voltage protection level, thus ensuring effective protection of terminal equipment even in case of interference caused by impulse currents and surges resulting from switching operations. The arresters provide protection against vibration effects and shock up to a 30-fold acceleration of gravity. The function-optimised arrester design ensures both fast and easy replacement of protection modules which house all relevant protection elements.

Universal surge arrester

  • Universal surge arrester for two-pole, three-pole or four-pole interfaces
  • High discharge capacity up to 20 kA (8/20 µs)
  • Low voltage protection level, capable of protecting terminal equipment

Arrester consists of a protection module and a base part

  • Easy replacement of protection modules
  • All protection components integrated in the protection module
  • Two universal base parts optionally available with or without signal disconnection

Functional and appealing design

  • DIN rail mounted device with integrated earthing
  • Minimum space requirements, four single lines or two pairs over a width 12 mm
  • Vibration and shock-tested for safe operation


BLITZDUCTOR SPTwo-part design comprising a base part and a protection module.BLITZDUCTOR SPThe module locking mechanism ensures that the module is vibration-proof and protected against polarity reversal.
BLITZDUCTOR SPAll protection elements are integrated in the plug-in module.BLITZDUCTOR SPTwo universal base parts with or without signal disconnection if the protection module is removed are optionally available.