DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester protects analogue camera systems

DEHNvario stands for a new generation of arresters which protects different signals of power supply and information technology systems and stands out due to its extremely flexible connection technology.

Compact arrester for ensuring protection and availability of video transmission systems.

DEHNvario protects analogue camera systems

DEHNvario 3in1DEHNvario 3in1 ensures unrestricted operation of analogue camera and video transmission systems even during thunderstorms.

Low unit price, compatibility with other components, wide range of video signals or protection of existing systems – analogue CCTV cameras are still widely used.

This is where the DEHNvario 3in1 surge arrester for analogue camera systems comes in. This complete solution protects three interfaces in a single device: The supply voltage, data interface and video signal. This largely eliminates incorrect selection of devices.

DEHNvario 3in1 is ideally suited for

  • 230 V supply
  • RS485 (pan, tilt, zoom functions)
  • Analogue video signals (BNC)

With its high discharge capacity up to 5 kA (8/20 µs) per core, it can be used according to the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0B to 2 and higher.

Note on digital camera systems
To protect digital camera systems from surges, please use the DEHNpatch surge arrester.


The compact 3in1 solution saves time and reduces costs

Protection of 3 interfacesDirect plug-in technologyQuick installationFast and easy replacement
Protection of three interfaces in a single device: Less space required and lower acquisition and storage costs.Easy conductor connection thanks to direct plug-in technology: Less installation time, no tool required.Impulse current carrying DIN rail contact – Earth connection without additional earthing conductor: Less installation effort.Fast and easy arrester replacement thanks to pluggable terminal units: Less time for arrester replacement, no tools required.