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Expand your existing knowledge and become adept in subjects like


  • Surge protection for electrical systems
  • Planning and implementing lightning protection systems
  • Protection of people and systems


Our experts will provide you with in-depth knowledge on a wide variety of applications in a way that is practical and solution-focussed, including subjects like protection for e-mobility, charging infrastructure, battery storage systems, PV systems, wind turbines, rail infrastructure, and much more. See it for yourself.


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Danilo Ferreira de Souza
"I took DEHN's “Lightning / Grounding Protection Basics” and “Lightning and Surge Protection Basics” courses. The material provided is very didactic and resources are very interactive. The course is fast and has a complete lightning protection content for both building protection and surge protection. I recommend the course to anyone wishing to delve into the subject and know how to apply effective lightning protection."

Danilo Ferreira de Souza

Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Mato Grosso / Brazil Electrical Engineering Course Coordinator


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