DEHN offers protection solutions

Protection solutions

DEHN supplies comprehensive protection solutions in the fields of surge protection, lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment for many different industries.


Surges pose a risk to buildings. Surges result from, e.g.,

  • Indirect lightning strikes
  • Direct lightning strikes
  • Switching overvoltage in the power grid
  • Self-generated switching overvoltage

Protect your power and data lines and don’t give surges even the chance to cause damage.

Indirect lightning strikes - when lightning strikes overhead lines, trees or the ground, surges can enter buildings via data and power lines. There, they can damage or destroy electrical equipment.

Switching overvoltage in the power grid - switching operations in the power grid can generate surges. These are transmitted to buildings via power lines.

Direct lightning strikes - the enormous amount of energy in a direct lightning strike can damage the roof and set it on fire. Here, external lightning protection comes into its own.

Self-generated switching overvoltage - Surges can also be generated by devices in your own network, e.g., when switching the air-conditioning or a flow heater on or off.

Power Industry

Here you can find special protection solutions and products ranging from power generation, transmission and distribution to power consumption.

  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Biogas plants
  • Power grids - Smart Energy
  • LED Street Lighting

Cell Sites

Reliable protection against lightning and surge damage is an important aspect when redesigning and extending the existing network infrastructure.

New transmission technologies require constant hardware adaptions. The higher the investment costs, the more important it becomes to protect the installation from damage that may lead to downtime.

Prevent lightning damage to the host building, mobile radio infrastructure and electrical systems.

Oil and Gas Industry

Chemical and petrochemical systems bear a high risk due to their large surface area, isolated location and design. Their high-tech measuring and control systems are both expensive and vulnerable.

Protect the electrical and electronic installations in the oil and gas sector.


Protect highly sensitive electronic systems in the field of railway transportation. Buildings, systems and associated electronic equipment are vulnerable to lightning strikes and electromagnetic interference.
Protect railway technology - More information

Protect the charging infrastructure for e-mobility. With a comprehensive portfolio of protective devices and solutions for all aspects of electromobility, including safety equipment for technicians.

Protect LED streetlights in cities, communities and municipal utilities. An efficient surge protection concept helps to improve longevity and availability.

Arc Fault Protection

Protect lives and secure system availability

Be it an active system like DEHNshort for your switchgear assembly or the protective equipment DEHNcare to protect workers and technicians, DEHN is always the right choice.

DEHNshort offers reliable protection for switchgear assemblies up to 110 kA - 690V. The modular system is individually configured to suit the assembly at hand. With arc fault quenching times of just a few milliseconds, it is one of the fastest protection systems on the market.

DEHNcare protective equipment offers all the components you need to reliably protect your employees.


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