Our products protect people and material assets. We trade with them in a responsible, resource saving manner, placing equal importance on environmental protection and quality management.

For us, sustainable corporate governance means...

Environmental responsibility

As we wish to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible, we have had a DIN EN ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system in place since the year 2000. We think carefully about how we handle resources - currently over 80% of our waste is recycled. With the power generated in our photovoltaic system and our combined heat and power plant, we save more than 350,000 kg CO2 every year. For many years, we have also been a member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria, a partnership between the Bavarian state government and Bavarian industry.

Corporate responsibility

We are well aware of our role in society and our duty towards our employees, customers, partners and shareholders. The DEHN Code of Conduct provides the basis and guiding principles for behaving with integrity within the DEHNgroup and in dealings with business partners and the public.

AEO C and S - certified reliability

We are accredited with "AEO C and S" (Authorised Economic Operator) status. This internationally recognised certificate confirms that DEHN SE is a particularly trustworthy and reliable partner in the international supply chain.

Motivated employees

Qualified, motivated employees are the bedrock and engine of our success. We place great value on a good working environment, job security, thorough training and continuous professional development. We do our best to support our employees, be it with flexible working hours, the "bring your child to work day" or supervision during school holidays.

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