DEHNclip rebar clip – Installation without tools

Earth electrodes can now safely and quickly be connected to the reinforcement

DEHNclip – Quick and safe

Installation without tools

DEHNclip is installed without tools and offers the following advantages:

  • Time savings thanks to simple snap-in mechanism
  • Screws and nuts are not lost during installation

Compact design

Thanks to its compact design, this clip is particularly suited for places which are difficult to access.
It saves space and weight in the vehicle and at the construction site. Since less material is used, resources are conserved and environmental impact is minimised.

Good to know: DEHNclip takes up little space in the upper reinforcement so that sufficient concrete cover is ensured.

DEHNclip - Installation without tools DEHNclip for flat conductors
DEHNclip, ideal choice also for flat conductors

DEHNclip - installation without toolsTested technology

Together with building industry experts, the new spring steel clip was thoroughly tested and optimised for practical use. DEHNclip is tested1 for lightning current carrying capability and complies with the normative requirements for foundation earth electrodes2 and lightning protection systems3.


1 Tested with a lightning carrying current capability of 50 kA (10/350 µs) according to IEC 62561-1: Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC)
2 DIN 18014: Foundation earth electrode - Planning, execution and documentation
3 IEC 62305-3: Protection against lightning, Part 3: Physical damage to structures and life hazard