Protective glove with long gauntlet

DEHNcare - Personal protective equipment

Schutzhandschuh APG - störlichtbogengeprüftThis arc-fault-tested protective glove with an innovative long gauntlet ideally complements the long-proven APG protective glove.

The long gauntlet ensures arc fault protection up to the crook of the arm (protection of the hand and forearm when removing NH fuse links according to the German DIN VDE 0680-4:1980-11 standard).

The soft leather glove palm offers exceptional touch sensitivity and breathable materials ensure high wearing comfort even if the glove is used over extended periods of time.




The new APG ... L protective glove is available in 5 sizes (size 8 – 12). The length of the glove corresponds to the size normatively required for removing NH fuse links.

This glove ensures enhanced protection of 32.8 cal/cm² according to IEC 614482-1-1!